Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Ingalls come to O'Bannon Woods

 Last weekend we participated in "A Day on the Farm as a Pioneer Child" at O'Bannon Woods. It was a lot of fun! They had asked Cam to bring a goat and do a milking demonstration and we were all able to go. The best part was, my friend Diane was able to loan Lila and me some period attire. The girls were running around all morning calling each other "Laura" and "Mary" and Cam and me "Pa" and "Ma".
The girls were technically too young for the activities, but they let them participate anyway. There was goat-milking, bread-making, feeding of oxen, brushing out horses, and more. They both really enjoyed being with the big girls. 

 The dress that fit Maggie was red and she really didn't think that Mary would wear a red dress. At least that was her reasoning for not wearing it. So, she's not very period-friendly, but she sure is cute!
 Here's Ma. Diane had two potential dresses for me. One was much fancier than the other and I was sure Lila would pick that one for me. But, she chose this one because it looked "just like Ma". I brought some knitting along and sat near the goats.
 Here's Pa. Cam shaved his goatee the night before for more authenticity. It's kind of rare for me to see his face! The kids all loved the demo. All but one of them tried milking. I was impressed at their willingness to try.
Here's Olga being spoiled by clover the girls were picking for her. There were quite a few other volunteers there that day and they were all so friendly and welcoming. The whole experience makes me want to sew some of our own pioneer clothing and do this more often. Diane to the rescue again, she is hunting up her old patterns!

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