Thursday, October 25, 2012

Baby stuff

I've been churning out baby gifts left and right lately! Here are a few of the hat/bootie combos that I've made for some special little babies. I also made mock Moby wrap or "Feauxby Wrap" for Cam's cousin's new baby. Busy, busy, busy! I do love homemade gifts. I shopped from my stash for these. Personally, I like to add colors other than pink and blue to baby goodies.

Pigeon Roost Massacre

Wow, I am so far behind! It was early September when we headed up to Scottsburg, Indiana to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Pigeon Roost Massacre. Cam can trace his lineage back to survivors from that awful day. We decided to dress in period garb and had a good time doing it. I whipped up my dress, apron, bonnet, the girls' aprons, and Cam's drop-front britches in the weeks leading up to it. We are posing in front of the cabin they dedicated during the event. We could have moved right in. 

The week prior, we had gone to the New Albany Library to make a corn husk doll in one of their family craft activities. My girls both really enjoyed it. Lila thought it was a great addition to her costume for these pictures, but decided not to take it with her to the event for fear she'd lose it.

Maggie preferred to wear her zebra dress from Meijer, but it only took the bribe of cake for her to do a quick wardrobe change into her "Mary costume".
It was a pitch-in event, so we brought a blanket and had a lovely picnic with Nana, Opa, and Poppy before Maggie wanted to change back to modern clothes.