Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pioneer Dress #1

 Okay, remember the little girl who went to pioneer day in a modern dress because "Mary wouldn't wear a red dress"? Well, lo and behold this same little girl, when choosing her "Mary" fabric, chose a RED floral print from Joann's VIP by Cranston. Personally, I think it is flipping adorable. I could look at her all day in this little dress. This morning she wore it to church, bonnet and all. I love this kid. I love that she wants to be Mary, the eldest, and not the obvious Carrie, the youngest. For once, she gets to pretend to be older! She wanted to be called "Mary" all day today and called me "Ma" again. I had a lot of fun making her dress using Simplicity 3725. I have finished Lila's, but she hadn't put it on with bonnet for me to get a picture of. I will share when she does.

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