Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eastern Woodland Indian goes to Muddy Fanatic

Well, we did it. We finished the Muddy Fanatic 5k. It was muddy, it was wet, it was pretty fun. The run started at 8a with groups going every 30 minutes. Luckily, we were in on of the last groups to go through because earlier folks complained about the long back-ups at obstacles. We had to wait a couple times, but not bad. Our team made it through and the training day we had really helped those who made it.

One of the most fun parts was helping Cam get ready for the event. Costumes were encouraged, so he decided to dress as an Eastern Woodland Indian. He has some Native American blood in his ancestry that he's quite proud of. He spent a lot of time researching looks and clothing of the various groups in this area. We helped him paint his head and chest and shave his head.

His "Fascinator" was made from squirrel tail and chicken feathers. It was really cool.

The finished look. He got lost of requests for pictures and the paint stayed on surprisingly well through the obstacles and mud. The hand-prints on his chest washed off, but they stayed on long enough to leave a hand-print shaped tan line!

This is Lila's portrait of her Daddy all painted up. I love it.

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