Friday, August 5, 2011

Lunch toters

 Another great project from the One Yard Wonders book!  I made a bit of an adjustment and serged the inside instead of binding it with bias tape and put the pocket on the outside.  Oh, and I also added a handle.   
 I split the pocket to make it handy for holding a napkin and water bottle. 
 But, it wouldn't be complete without coordinating snack bags and sandwich wraps.  The real reason for the project is that my best buddy Rhonda requested sandwich wraps for her birthday.  I had made some in the past that were not too well-designed, but she used them so much, she wore them out! 
The ones I made this time double as a place mat.  Awwww.  Please forgive the plastic fork in all this happy reusable-ness, it's for demonstration purposes only!  Bon appetit!

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