Monday, August 22, 2011

Frogs... two specimens

 Specimen #1:

For my birthday this year, I asked Cam to make me some frogs.  He was a little perplexed.  But, when I showed him a picture of these,  he thought he could fix me right up.  A circular piece of chicken wire and *voila*! I had a great way to keep my flowers from falling to the sides of the jars.  I created this beautiful bouquet from flowers I picked around the farm and Old Glory.  It's interesting to me the way flowers come out in limited colors.  That week, every flower I saw was either purple, yellow, or white.  But, I thought it made for a really nice display.  

Specimen #2:

 Tonight Cam found a couple frogs swimming around in the water formerly belonging to pigs.  He called the girls out to catch them.  They then proceeded to put the in the kiddie pool, push them down the slide, and generally cause the frogs much anxiety.  Don't worry PETA, these critters are safely back in a puddle.
 I love how curious the girls are and how excited to touch, look at, and interact with critters.  That is totally their daddy's influence.  Don't misunderstand me, Cam has brought out my curiosity, too.  But, the man knows a ton about wildlife.  The girls are so lucky to have such a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.  He is constantly bringing home one critter or another.  Not only that, but he will know it's name, habitat, lifespan, mating habits, often the genus and species, etc., etc.  My mother-in-law tried her best to be patient with her son growing up, but I think one of the secret (or maybe not so secret) reasons for having a farm, is being able to find and bring home a menagerie of reptiles, amphibians, and all things four-legged.  Now that he has girls, you never know what he might come home with.  In case your wondering, these were green frogs we had the pleasure of meeting today. 

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