Monday, August 22, 2011

A Beautiful Wedding


Our buddy, "Uncle" Ross, got married last weekend!  We drove up to Northern Indiana to celebrate with him and be part of the festivities.  He asked the girls to be flower girls and they were tickled pink.  Ross asked Cameron and me to sing a song during the ceremony, too.  We were thrilled.  We decided to make it a weekend vacation and stay a couple nights at a hotel near Fort Wayne complete with a pool and hot tub.  

 The girls could not get in enough swim time.  We had such a good time splashing around in the mostly empty pool.  The girls hopped back and forth between the hot tub and the pool, impervious to the temperature change.  Lila showed off by doing the back stroke and swimming under water, while Maggie jumped in again and again.  

There was much debate about these flower girl dresses. The girls (translation: Lila) got to choose.  The really cute, inexpensive Target one the bride sent a link to was "blech" according to Lila.  After scouring pages and pages of online wares, Lila picked out a rather hideous one"didn't come in her size".  Nana came to the rescue and suggested a brick and mortar shopping trip.  As soon as Lila saw this one, she knew it was the one.  When I showed it to Maggie for the first time she said, "Oh! I Lub it!" The looked beautiful for the big day.

 Nana and Opa were also invited to the wedding and drove up.  It's always so nice to have extra hands to keep the girls happy and Cam and me sane.  The first thing Maggie said when she saw Opa was, "Opa! You pack your swim trunks!?"
Apparently, Maggie has learned to wink.  She and Opa played piano before the ceremony to keep everyone calm.  The weekend, despite being busy and having activities during naptime, went super well.  We made sure the girls were fed regularly, which helped.  I also drew a quick picture schedule for Lila on the wedding day.  It seemed to help, as well.  We had a lot of fun celebrating with this special couple and their awesome families.

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  1. Look at your pair of angels! So glad the weekend went well for everyone. The winking pic is puuuhriceless!