Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some Clothing First Aid

Well, for those of you who don't know, I am married to a workin' man.  A workin' man whose clothes get *dirty*.  A workin' man who frequently has interesting things in his pockets...like super glue.  About a month ago, said super glue was left in said pocket...and washed.  Did it stick to Cam's work pants?  Oh, no.  It stuck to one of my dresses.  I was so disappointed.  I had only bought the dress last year and hadn't worn it too many times. When I pulled the dress from the dryer, the tube was still attached to the dress.  My first thought was that I would just throw the dress away.  Then, I thought, well, at least I should save the pretty peach fabric for another project.  Then, I came to my senses and decided, I can cover that up!  I was immediately taken back to the episode of "The Torkelsons" (anyone remember this show?) where Dorothy Jane bought a prom dress at the thrift store with a stain on it.  Her mother told her they could cover it right up with a flower.  They did, then the snotty rich girl recognized it at the prom and ripped the flower off revealing that, gasp!, it was her *old* dress with a stain!  Tangent, sorry.  
The holes are over the left bust and at the top right.
 Anyway, I decided to pull a Dorothy Jane on my dress.  After all, it's my dress, so I won't be bothered by some snotty, rich girl ripping it up.  =) I've always been a little reticent to embellish clothing.  My awesome SIL Renata does all kinds of cool embellishment and blogs about that and other nifty things at There's No Place Like Homemade.  So, following her example, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge.  And...

Voila! I cut out several layers of slightly lighter peach fabric (from a discarded stained shirt of Maggie's no less) for the flowers, added some yellow beads in the middle and embroidered the leaves.  Notice I am not showing you a close up of my embroidery job.  I am a novice embroiderer.  So, you'll have to admire from afar.  =)  Pretty cute, right?