Monday, June 13, 2011

Raised Beds Rock!

I am loving our garden this year!  We changed gears and tried something new, and we have been so pleased with it!   In the past, we have had a large garden spot and planted lots of produce.  But inevitably, our good intentions would be taken over by weeds and the hard work needed to keep it looking nice and producing well would be forgotten.  We have always had enough to can and freeze, but it always felt like *a lot* of work!  

This year, Cam built a beautiful raised bed in our yard.  It has ended up being so wonderful!  We don't have to weed as much, don't have to water as much, it looks awesome, it's concentrated and just all in all, feels easier and more pleasing.  He designed it himself, using the mulched walkway to ensure that every area would be accessible without standing on the soil to prevent compaction. Granted, our harvest may not be as big this year, but it will probably be a lot more manageable!  

In each of the southerly corners we have green beans ready to climb these rustic poles.  Along the back you can see the livestock fence panel.  We are using that end for our climbing plants.  Our first harvest was peas that grew up the panels.  We just removed those plants a few days ago, fed them to our garbage disposals, and made room for squash, zucchini, tomatoes, etc.  

We have been harvesting salad, peas, and we just harvested some beets.  The peas and salad were quite prolific.  The girls would munch the peas right off the vine while they were out playing.  Have I mentioned that I love our garden? =)

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