Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not your Granny's clothespin apron!

I recently received a copy of One Yard Wonders for Mother's Day.  The book has 101 sewing projects that use 1 yard of fabric or less.  It really has some cute things in it and I have enjoyed just perusing the pages.  It has several little apron patterns in it.  They're the kind that tie around your waist and don't have a top part.  I don't get that.  As a cook, I rarely spill things on my pants, but I am *constantly* spilling or splashing on my shirt.  But, when I saw this apron project, I knew I needed one and so did my friend Rhonda.  

A couple Christmases ago, Cam bought me a clothesline.  It's the kind that looks like a spiderweb and raises up and down like an umbrella.  I *love* it.  It can hold so much laundry!  When my dad saw my hanging laundry, he thought my dryer must be broken, but no, I find hanging clothes on the line to be a very peaceful activity that I rather enjoy.  So, if the weather is right and time permits, I prefer to hang my laundry out.  Of course, besides the cathartic benefits, it also saves energy which is a bonus. 

That's all well and good, but you have to keep the clothespins handy somehow.  They say you shouldn't just leave them on the line as they will get mildewy and yucky.  I had been keeping mine in a really cute basket a friend of mine made me for the purpose that said "laundry" and an embroidered picture of clothes on a line.  But, our puppy got a hold of it and alas, it is no more.  Perfect timing, actually, as I already had the project in mind.  
This is how they turned out:

My butterfly apron
I surprised Rhonda with hers the other day.  She seemed quite tickled.  I had purchased the fabric I made hers from probably a decade ago.  (That sounds like so long ago.  It's kind of fun to be of an age where I can say I bought something a "decade ago")  But, it had never met it's perfect project...until now. As soon as I spotted it, I knew it was meant to be Rhonda's clothespin apron.  =)

Rhonda's bohemian apron

I used it for the first time the other day and it was GREAT!  It was so handy.  It worked so well.  I realized, though, it was not as handy at being stored between uses as its basket counterpart.  So, I added this handy dandy little loop so I can hang it up between uses and on the line to wait for me to take down the laundry.  Perfect!  


  1. Hey Molly - I'd love to know where Cam found the clothesline. I love that kind, and share your enjoyment of hanging up clothes to dry. It is peaceful indeed. :)
    - Erin (McMahon)

  2. I think he bought it at Home Depot.