Sunday, July 3, 2011

Scarlett O'hara would be proud

I’ve been on a crafty kick lately.  So when my dear friend Melissa brought me a bag of fabric, I was kinda excited.  One of the pieces was a sheer curtain with a pretty tie-dyed/batik kind of feel.  I was really digging it.  After considering what it should become, I turned again to my new One-Yard Wonders book and immediately decided it needed to become the strapless tunic.  I tried to take advantage of the finished edges as much as possible.  The only change I really made was that, once I was finished, I was unhappy with the ....well...what are they called... the slits on the bottom on the side that allow ease for booty.  Anyway, they just didn't look very finished as I've never been very good at making teeny tiny hems.  So, I made some bias tape from the fabric and covered the slits with it.  I'm much happier and I think it looks more finished and less homemade. 
Now I just have to find somewhere appropriate to wear it.  =)

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