Monday, March 5, 2012

A Fairy Party

Have you ever been invited to a Fairy Party? Our family was, just this morning. Here's the invitation to prove it! 

After we tucked Lila into bed last night, there were mysterious sounds of furniture moving coming from her room.  When I went to check on her, she did the I-don't-want-you-to-see-what-I'm-doing body block with a very large and suspicious grin.  
"Lila, what are you doing in here?"
Grin gets larger, "Nothing, mommy.  Nothing." Door closes.
A little later she shouted, "What makes the Huh Huh sound?"
"You mean like Howard?"
"Oh! "H" Got it!"

Then, this sign was posted outside her door, replacing the one that said "Pat Sor" 
(pet store)
 Can you read it?  It says "Pixie Hollow", you know, where Tinkerbell lives?  I am totally loving this new phase of Lila's development where she can sound things out all by herself and make her thoughts known on paper.  It is wonderful and miraculous and so fun! 

She covered the table with a "tablecloth" and put out a lovely flower arrangement in the center.   

None of us were allowed in her room this morning before we donned our "fairy clothes".  For Lila and Maggie, the choices were a little more obvious.  For Cam, Lila chose a red plaid button-down shirt on top of his work out clothes.  For me, it was red sandals with flowers on the toe, a brown skirt with embroidered flowers on it, and a coral blouse with white designs.  I looked "terrific!" according to Lila.   

 Once we were ushered in, we sat down to plates of apples, blackberries, and grapes.  Lila required Cam to bring in two more chairs since she didn't have enough seating in her room for us all.

 She also drew drinks for all of us, including straws that she glued on.  This was "nectar". It was quite a lovely affair.  I do recommend, if you ever have the honor of being invited to one of Lila's Fairy Parties, attending with great delight.  


  1. That is SO adorable! I look forward to great creativeness like that in the future in my home. I am just sitting here giggling about what a wonderful party that must have been. It would have been nice to see a picture of you and Cam in your fairy party attire also.