Sunday, February 19, 2012


Our Labrador had puppies!  They are three-weeks-old now and soooooo cute!  I mean, it’s ridiculous how cute I think they are.  Those of you who know me, know I could talk about human birth, labor, delivery, etc the live long day.  I’m passionate about, fairly knowledgeable, and find it fascinating. I have been present at a fair number of births for a person who is not a doula or midwife.  However, I have to admit, I found dog birth to be very boooooring. Do understand that Cam thought she was in labor a full 24 hours before anything happened.  Also, I think my ignorance about dog birth made it even more boring.  With human labor, I know all the sign posts to look for, I know what’s happening and why, and I understand (basically) how to support and encourage the mama.  Dogs don’t need support.  They would prefer to be left alone.  So, I’m left just watching, watching her do the same unremarkable thing for 24 hours.  However, finally, that first little puppy came out.  Laney did her awesome doggy mommy business and cleaned that little booger up. Then we waited some more.  The first one came early morning.  By noon, we had seven healthy pups.  Seven healthy, adorable pups.  Laney could not have done a better job.  She was devoted in every way to caring for those babes.  How I wish I could listen to those natural, nurturing instincts better in my own mothering.  Surprisingly, when we cleaned the bedding and did a head count later that night, an eighth one had snuck out! Here is a picture of her nursing her brood calmly.  They, on the other hand, are not so calm while nursing.  It is hilarious to watch the “ravenous” pups fight and squirm to find a spot.

Puppies are born without their eyes and ears open.  Here’s a picture of them a day or two after birth.  We had five yellow and three black.  Four boys and four girls.

They now have their eyes open and are each developing their own personalities.  The girls can’t keep their hands off of them (okay, neither can I).  But, luckily, it’s great socialization for the dogs.  On day 17, they began to play with one another.  They are now chewing on each other and crawling to the top of the heap for naps.  Oh, how they make us smile.  It will really be hard when the last one has gone to a new home.  The girls have a firm understanding that we will not be keeping these puppies.  Our house is just not big enough for three large dogs, two children, and their parents.  But, boy are they fun while they’re here.

Three-week-old black Labrador puppy

PS- If you think your house and heart are big enough for one of these dogs, please check out our farm website:  

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