Wednesday, February 8, 2012


 Lila had a super lovely safari-themed birthday party!  Cameron busted out the face paint and turned the guests into wild safari animals! I was so impressed with his work. While they took turns getting their faces painted, the kids each made a pair of safari binoculars by putting some neat scrapbook paper of their choosing around two toilet paper tubes, stapling them together and adding twine to hang them around their neck. 

Nana made a beautiful cheetah cake, which she was worried would not meet Lila's vision.  However, to Nana's delight, Lila thought it was "better than the picture".  The pic on the right shows the banner I made.  I'm telling you, I really made the most of that fabric!  I made Mags and Lila their costumes for Christmas gifts, made our buddies costume hoods, and this banner.  I love when I can use just about every scrap!

She got two killer outfits, one made by Mimi with a cheetah appliqued on the back.  If you look closely, you can see she is wearing her skirt backwards.  Because, well, that's just the way she rolls.  No, I have never introduced her to Kris Kross.  She also got this fancy cowgirl outfit.  The boots have a *heel* (insert squeal) AND they light up!

She saw this bike helmet and really wanted it!  She was so pleased, she wore it to piano lessons and also through the entire movie "Big Miracle".  I think it was a hit.  In the next 8 or so weeks, we have 5 birthdays in our family.  Part of me contemplates doing a joint birthday party for my girls, or with the cousins.  But, then I think, "This is their one special day every year!"  Besides, I like seeing my family so often!  (I hope they feel the same way!)

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