Sunday, March 18, 2012

Maggie's birthday

My girl turned three.  It seems a little unreal. My sweet girl has gotten so independent in so many ways, but is still so much more of a baby than Lila was at this age.  Of course, when Lila was three, we had a real baby around and probably less tolerant of those behaviors.  But, I must admit, some of her babyisms are just so stinking cute.  I could listen to her talk all day long.  She is still s-less at the beginning of words.  So, her birthday party was "Trawberry Hortake" themed.  She enjoyed being the birthday girl as much as her mommy does and was glad to draw it out over a week's time.  We celebrated with the grandparents on the night of her actual birthday with a homemade calzone dinner.  Her actual party we held on St. Patrick's Day.  It was gorgeous weather and we left the house wide open.  Our yard is so much better for entertaining than inside the house.  So, I was thrilled to see the sun shining and temps in the 70's. 

 I purchased this template for the strawberry favor boxes, although it appears there are quite a few free templates out there.  I enlarged the template quite a bit so that it could hold more goodies!

 The puppies made an appearance and were well-loved and carried around the whole yard.  My nephew especially liked them and after they were put away, kept asking where they went.  "Puppy?"  "Puppy?".

These are some very special boys in our life.  Left to right, "Opa", my nephew Worth, my handsome farm husband, and his Grandad. I caught a rare moment with all of them smiling, even Grandad!  What a fun day celebrating my favorite Maggie in the whole wide world.

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  1. Molly,

    I don't know what's cuter, the girls, the puppies, the men or those strawberries. You are a great momma.