Thursday, March 31, 2011

Family Hikes

Last fall, we started a new family tradition of going on family hikes on Friday mornings.  Most of the time, our schedule is flexible enough that we can work this in.  Cam and I try to exercise through the week and this weekly arrangement had several benefits: it was an outing to look forward to, it met our need for physical activity, was quality family time, and hopefully instilled in the girls a love of the outdoors and the importance of physical activity.  Each of us wears one of the girls in an Ergo- which we freaking love.  It can still hold Lila pretty comfortably.  If you have children, I highly recommend one.  Or two.  We only had one for awhile.  Our sweet friends would let us borrow theirs every week until my Super-Awesome friend Rhonda actually gave us hers on permanent loan.  Squee!  I digress.  Anyway, we had let this tradition slip during the winter months, but have gotten back into the habit.  Here are some pictures I took on a recent hike to our 
Northern boundary at Old Glory

Lila is happy to be outside!
This is Bluebird, who also thoroughly enjoyed the hike.

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  1. Mike bought a hiking backpack for Cece (see latest pic posted on my facebook page). It's a Kelty? Pretty nice, but it's HUGE! Can't wait until this weather warms up and we can go "hiking" on Bardstown Road. ;)