Friday, April 1, 2011

Training Pants

Maggie is getting closer to being potty-savvy.  We cloth-diapered both girls successfully, but the past few months, I've had Maggie mostly in Pull-ups.  They are so much easier to deal with when she wants to use the potty.  However, they are pricey and terrible for the environment.  So, I decided to start her in training pants.  Or, "Big Dirl Panties" as she calls them.  I had a 4 or 5 pairs left over from Lila.  She was thrilled at the prospect.  The first day, she went through all that I had in about an hour.  When I had washed and dried them a couple days later, she was jumping-on-the-bed-happy to be able to wear them again.  "Me pee pee in them." she said solemnly while shaking her head "no".  (Interpretation- I won't pee pee in them.)  Everyday she wears them, she seems to do a little better, but I was still running out of panties quickly!  So, I broke down and bought some more.  They're not that easy to find AND they cost $8 for *3* pairs! Which, ok, is still a lot cheaper than pull-ups in the long haul, but that just seemed exorbitant.  So, I set out on a quest to make some.  I found a free pattern on-line.  I bought 2 yards of knit fabric from Hancock that was on sale for $4/yard.  And, Voila! "Big Dirl Panties"!

Now, looking back, I realized I could just use old t-shirts for the material.  But, it wouldn't be all cute and flowery.  I double-layered the pattern for extra absorbency and also added a piece of an old cloth diaper in the crotch.  I  expect the 2 yards to make  6 or so pairs.  I finished the waist with FOE (fold-over elastic) that I had on hand.  I would say I maybe used 1/3 yard on each pair.  I added a bow to make it easy to tell the front from the back with scrap ribbon.  I thought they turned out cute and Maggie is tickled pink and hopefully dry-pants bound!

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  1. Love those! We are in the potty learning phase too but we are just doing nakey-booty most of the time when we are at home. :)