Thursday, March 31, 2011

A budding Artist

I just wanted to share this drawing of a peacock Lila made in January.  I was so impressed.  This was my first real inclination that she had a talent.  Since then, she has been drawing, coloring, and painting up a storm.  I'm not claiming we have a prodigy or anything, but I love to see her creating.  She gets creativity from both sides of the family, so I'm not surprised she would have an artsy flair. The down side to her prolific work is that it all has to *go* somewhere.  She is constantly drawing or coloring pictures for Cam or me.  This particular peacock I scanned to make sure it would be around.  But, Cam says we need to *have* them to hold them.  Ugh.  So, the ones I'm impressed with go into a file in the basement, while the coloring book pages have a lesser fate in "File 13".  Shhhh......


  1. File 13. Hahahaha! :)
    This is a great picture! I remember you were always a great drawer. I'm pretty sure I still have some of your masterpieces tucked away somewhere. :)
    Your blogs/pictures make me smile. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Really!? I never considered myself all that great at drawing. Cam definitely has it all over me in that category. But, Lila really seems to enjoy it. =)