Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mollukkah... a season of celebration!

A few years ago, as I was celebrating my birthday with some friends of mine, Cam was teasing me about how my birthday, which is August 11, seems to extend far beyond that day and fill up the whole month.  One of my guests (I can never remember if it was my clever brother-in-law or a friend's boyfriend) coined the term Mollukkah.  (You know, like the 8 days of Hanukkah?) Henceforth, we have celebrated the Season of Mollukkah in my family.  I am an only child, and honestly, am really spoiled (to this day) by my parents.  So, it's true that my celebrations have always run a little long, but what's the harm in a little extra holiday revelry?

This year, I got a new laptop for my birthday, along with an aircard that will hopefully afford me speedier internet connections (see the spoiled comment above).  A few months ago, my friend Melissa asked me why I hadn't started blogging.  I gave the excuse that I had dial-up and therefor it was out of the question to do things like add photos and such.  Well, when I told her that I got a laptop and speedy internet, one of the first things she said was, "So, you're going to blog now!?" Which was followed by a resounding "Yeah, Molly, blog!" by my friend Bonnie.  So, here I am.  We'll see if our life on the farm is interesting enough to read about.  But for now, Happy Mollukkah!

PS- at the Mollukkah celebration above, my sweet sister-in-law printed stickers that said "I celebrate Mollukkah".  You can see the three-of-us in the picture wearing them proudly.  =)


  1. So happy to be one of the people that lit a fire under your tookus! :) See you sooooooooon!

  2. I think birthdays should be celebrated for multiple days. I usually go with 3-4 days depending on which day of the week my birthday falls on. Mollukkah is a great term for your celebration. I shall have to coin one for mine. Looking forward to following you.