Monday, August 23, 2010

A little lactavism...

The Howards performed at The World of Good Festival last Saturday.  You can see we had a very rowdy crowd to play to- a bunch of dancing kiddos and their lactavist mommies.  It was really fun and well-organized event hosted by La Leche League of Southern Indiana to promote the normalcy of breastfeeding.  I sported my shirt that my friend Amber gave me while preggers with Lila "I make milk, what's your super power?".  I must admit, however, that I am not currently making milk as I weaned Maggie about a month ago.  Maybe I should have written in the word "Can" or something.  But, regardless, I'm a big "Lactavist"- that would be a breastfeeding proponent for those laymen out there.  I nursed both my girls until around 15 months.  A lot of my mommy friends nurse a lot longer, but that seemed to be right for us.  I've been so thrilled to see a change in the culture even since I was pregnant with Lila.  Breastfeeding does seem more normal and the word is getting out about the many benefits of breastfeeding for Mommy and Baby. 

Our bass player Josh and his partner Morgan were standing near the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding display listening to comments from people checking out the art which had varying degrees of modesty.  One couple in their 50's passed and had this conversation:

Man: What's this all about?
Woman: I don't know, but there are a lot of titties hanging out.

But, you know, I think that's exactly the point of the event.  Just to get people talking about and questioning their own comfort with seeing breasts used to feed babies.  If I had not been so encouraged by several friends, family members, and Cameron, I doubt I would have been successful if it were just me committed to breastfeeding.  As it was, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to nourish my babes in the healthiest way possible.  Like another shirt said at the event- "Breast milk- never been recalled".

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