Thursday, September 6, 2012


 This is Maggie's "sneaky face".
We are headed to a special four-year-old's birthday party this weekend who will refer to as "Special Agent M". Agent M is celebrating his birthday at a super hero party. I was trying to decide what to bring Agent M and happened to peruse his mother's Pinterest page. How handy is it that I can browse ideas from Agent M's mom!? I deduced some very important information about him.
1) He's into the whole 'stache craze.
2) He's a unique fella, just like his momma
3) He can dig on handmade gifts

Mom had pinned this to her Pinterest page which looked very intriguing, right up my alley, something I could run with, and very inexpensive which is always a plus. I henceforth set to work constructing a spy kit.

 Maggie modeled the disguises for me.I had to tell you who it was, because I'm sure you wouldn't have recognized her if I hadn't. Don't be thrown off, it really is her.

ZZ Top disguise


With this one I was trying to match Agent M's pater familias. Do you think I got it? 

The whole project kind of puts me in the mind of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego the computer game. Remember it? On floppy disk?

 Every good spy needs a place to file away evidence, so I made these mini-folders, just the right size for the spy notebook pages. I made them from full-size file folders, just cut down and rounded the top. I used a stamp set similar to this one that just has the alphabet and I can spell anything I want to stamp the top of the folders.

 We happened to be going through all our books and VHS tapes yesterday (wow, I've  mentioned two very old school technologies in this post, but at least I didn't mention that we still have cassette tapes...doh!) and were getting rid of this copy of The Andromeda Strain. I thought it looked like a very inconspicuous title for a four-year-old secret agent to be carrying around, no one would be the wiser that there's actually....

A SECRET COMPARTMENT INSIDE!!! Ok, so I've always thought these were really cool. And, I'm sure it would come in handy for a spy. I also made a little Secret Agent ID for Agent M with a pic of him looking very inconspicuous and spy-y in some cool shades. Where did I find such a picture you might ask? Facebook. I love being able to find exactly what I'm looking for without having to bother the parental units! Facebook is good for something other than political rants and corny quotes! Who knew?

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