Friday, September 7, 2012

Camper Fun

See her "wings"?

 We took out the '69 Lakeland camper we've been working on AKA,"The Hen House" last weekend to a music get together right down the road. There was a good chance of storms and we thought it might be nice to try the old girl out before we sold her. Earlier this year we bought two vintage campers to restore and "cuten up" to sell them. So far, we are super close to having this one completed. We are waiting on some paper work to be finalized, and then she's going up on Craigslist.

The four-of-us slept very comfortably. Well, actually, Cam didn't stop pickin' until about 2am and then drove home to milk the goats at 5:30, so he didn't sleep much at all. But, the girls and I slept great.

The music went on 'til the wee hours. The music drifted down over the hill and to our little home for the evening. It was quite a pleasant way to drift off to sleep.

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