Monday, April 9, 2012


We had a great Easter with lots of family, fellowship, play, food, and friends. We dyed eggs Saturday night and even had glitter to add to them. Luckily, the dye washes off little fingers for church.

 Cousins are always happy for an excuse to get together. They hid eggs, colored on the sidewalk, pretended to be dolphins, mermaids, and little girls... it was fun.
For some reason, my niece is always a lot more cooperative for pictures than my girls.  Here she is with her Opa.

 She's convinced we looks "Just Alike!" (Even though she really looks just like her Aunt Renata)
 Family tradition of Easter family pictures.  Maggie is traditionally not very cooperative! Today being no exception.
 A room full of friends, family, and food= good times.

Nana and Lila on a beautiful Easter day.

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