Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Deer me!

This year Cam got one of his deer right across the road from us.  He came home, got the girls, and we tracked this dude as a family.  When Cam got home to get us, Maggie squealed with glee yelling "we going to have a deer to eat!  We going to have a deer to eat!".  The girls thought it was great fun to look for the blood drops.  When we found him, the girls wanted to watch Cam field dress it.  I couldn't believe how interested they were.  We inspected the contents of the stomach, identified organs and their function, and talked about the sacrafice this animal had made for us.  They were so fascinated.  It was a fun time and a great lesson for the girls.  We have since started reading the Little House series and it strikes me how much the girls have in common with these pioneer children and I love it.  Cam has been dusting off his fiddle more these days as he identifies with "Pa". 

My good friend Bonnie's birthday was this month.  She just got hitched and got a new set of Fiestaware turqouise dishes.  I thought she probably needed a new matchy table runner and matching napkins.  I found this beautiful hummingbird fabric at Joann and it called Bon's name.  I do hope it found a new happy home in California. 


  1. Bon looooves the new kitchen threads, thank you! They match both her style AND her teacups. :) I'll have to get a good picture of them all together. I love what vintage treasures and crafty complements my friends and family have made and found to go with my fiestaware. Makes my home all the homier.

  2. That is going to be my family in a few years when Jewell can walk around. I can see us tracking a deer as a family also, and loving the learning experience.