Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Great Outdoors

So far, this has been a pretty cold winter.  The worst part about winter, especially with two small kiddos, is bundling them up to go outside- it take forever!  But, on this day, it was totally worth it.  On a whim,  Rhonda and I decided to change our plans of meeting at the library, to hiking down at Old Glory.  The weather was beautiful and not too cold.  It was the best decision we have made in a long time!  The kids had sooooo much fun.  They acted like they hadn't seen the light of day in weeks!  And, it's probably true that they hadn't been set free in it for awhile.  We also brought our visiting puppy along. 

Lila wanted to show Isa the hay loft first.  So, they crawled and squiggled through the "mouse holes" that Cam and Lila have constructed. 

Next, they checked out the tractor. 
I was playing with my new camera that day.  Rhonda took this nice pic of me sporting my handmade by Renata hat with Maggie.  I love the little smile on her face. 
I got this great shot of handsome Banyan.

After they scampered happily across the field, the older girls began building "a bed" out of large limbs.  Mostly, they hauled them all by themselves, but here, Banyan and Rhonda are in on the action.  The kids must have played for a good hour in this spot, carefree, happily constructing their imaginary space.  It was fabulous.  Rhonda and I had time to chat and catch up after what seemed like a far-too-long absence for moms who live within a couple miles of one another.  For such a cold day, it really made my heart warm to be surrounded by this family of choice. 

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