Saturday, December 25, 2010

One happy princess!

  This was a special Christmas.  My girls are almost 2 and almost 4 and are hitting the ages where they really enjoy this time of year.  This is probably the best Christmas we've had in awhile.  I often let the stress of all the festivities get to me a bit.  This year, Cam and I collaborated on a special gift for Lila- princess bunk beds.  Our home did not have a space to be able to hide the bunk beds while Cam was building, so we fibbed and told her he was building them for her buddy, Isadora.  She kept making comments like, "Isa is really going to like those bunk beds!" and "Those sure are cool!".  It felt a little dishonest, but we really wanted it to be a surprise.  
So, after she was fast asleep Christmas Eve, we spirited her into our room so that we could construct the beds in her room.  After we had assembled it, we snuck her back into bed without her ever waking up.  So, Christmas morning, she woke up in a set of very special bunk beds.  Lila was thrilled.  She spent the morning with big smiles and randomly coming over to say "Happy Christmas, Mommy!" followed by a big hug.  I wish we could give her one every day!  
The ladder is inside the tower.  The curtain is Velcroed to the bed, so that it can be replaced by a puppet theater curtain. The tower is a painted tarp.  It all worked out so well.  We took Lila to see "Tangled" this week.  After noting that Rapunzel's tower was covered in ivy, we decided we needed to add some to our castle.  It has already been an underwater castle, a beauty shop, and a store.  I couldn't have asked for a better reaction!

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