Friday, October 15, 2010

Family Time

We have a Friday night family tradition around here called “Pizza and a Movie Night”. You might be wondering what on earth we do on such an occasion, or, maybe it’s pretty self-explanatory. ;) I think we all look forward to it for different reasons. Me: I don’t have to cook, other than putting a pizza in the oven and there’s very little clean-up. Cam: the man could eat pizza every night of the week and not get tired of it. Lila and Maggie: A rare treat to watch something on the TV. (They don’t watch TV at home except for this night) I hope we all also look forward to some family time of being together, albeit not very interactive, at least we’re sharing some space and food. The evening usually ends with some good-natured wrestling with Daddy before bed. A nice, calming activity. Ha.
Cam snapped this shot because on screen was a mommy fox snuggling with her babes, while I was snuggling with mine.
We are really very lucky in life right now to be able to share a majority of our meals with one another. Cam and my work schedules are very flexible most days and allow for a lot of shared family time. I really treasure this. Hope you have time this week to spend with those you love, too.

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