Sunday, June 17, 2012

Farm Fun Day

Oh, how I do look forward to Farm Fun Day. Not sure how many years I've been hosting, I think this may be the third. There's nothing very special about the day, just a big play date at the farm, but it is so much fun to get a big group of mamas together for a pitch-in and let the kids run wild.

 The striped tights were a big hit this year.

I couldn't believe that even though the air temperature was only upper 70's, the kids couldn't wait to get into the water! So much fun to be had.

Lots of baby-passing, baby-nursing, and baby-holding up in here. Seeing as how we had two La Leche League leaders and lots of members, there was much talk of breastfeeding, but conversation also veered to fit-throwing, skee ball tournaments, tattoos, canning, and recipes. What a lovely community of mothering. It doesn't get much better than this.It took me awhile to find a group of women to call my mothering community. I'm so glad that I have. My husband joked a couple years ago about my bestie Rhonda, "If I'd have known how good she was for Molly, I would have bought her one years ago!" If only it were that easy! These are the kind of women that are raising great kids, would give you the shirt off their backs and are glad to was a few dishes.

Round about two, the pushing and screaming became a little more frequent and we all knew it was time to pack up and say goodbye for now. But, there's always next year.Thanks for a great day, ladies!


  1. such a wonderful time!! I feel so blessed to have you all in my life!

  2. Keep it up, because one of these years I won't be working and we'll be able to make it!