Friday, October 14, 2011

Disney part 1

We went to Disney World!  My mom, the girls, and me.  Cameron, not being a Disney guy, stayed home to hunt and take care of critters.  I have been planning and preparing for this trip for months.  Knowing I would be without my husband, who I rely on a lot in the parenting arena, left me a little nervous about being away from home for six days.  So, I did everything I could to help me prepare.  We did a lot of talking about the trip.  I tried to anticipate things that might cause problems, I tried to think of ways for the girls to feel more in control of their time.  This was all stemming from a bad experience I had on a day trip with the girls and my mom.  That bad experience was before I realized that Lila being hungry led to some very unpleasant fits.  I was bound and determined for this not to happen on our Disney trip, so mom and I loaded up our cart and later our suitcase, carry-ons, and bags with snacks for the week.  I also made daily visual schedules for the girls with the general way the day would play out, including rest times, meals, etc.  Lila, like me, likes to have an idea of what her day will look like and it seems to help her have a feeling of control.  So, after doing everything I could possibly think of, the day came to go to Disney.  Day one was a traveling day, but we were also having dinner with the princesses at Epcot in Norway. 

Yes, here are my princesses. 

We first got our picture taken with Belle and the photographer got so tickled by Lila's wig, he could barely take the shot.  The wig and the mermaid costume *with* a tail were very important to my Little Mermaid.  This wig was chosen because it had "the swoop", just like Ariel!  She was so pleased when it all arrived in the mail. 

Maggie's costume was chosen at the Disney Store in Louisville.  It really was a beautiful little costume.  She looked adorable in it.  Adult Snow White was wonderful and  interacted with Maggie so sweetly. 

Although we were all tired from our travels, the girls had a fun time at the dinner. The food was delicious!  There was even a princess parade that the girls got to walk around the restaurant with a princess (and a room full of other little girls).  It was a busy place, and I much preferred some of our other meal environments better (more on that later), but this was a fun way to kick off our Disney vacation.

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  1. If you're going to be Ariel, the swoop is everything! Lila's got it right. :) And I just love that pair of Snow Whites. Can't wait to hear more!