Monday, September 19, 2011

Music-making and merriment

While the nation remembered the 9/11 attacks, our family was lucky enough to have a happy diversion.  September is a month full of birthdays of friends and family.  Cam's birthday was that week, as well as my dad, Cam's grandad, his uncle, our good friend Terry and his daughter Laura.  We gathered today to celebrate all the special people who celebrate the day of their birth this month at Nana's house for some soup, music-making, and merriment.  It was a fun time to get together, relax, and enjoy the company and music.  

 Opa got out his accordian for some polkas!  My sister-in-law showed me all about her knooking- knitting with a crochet hook- fascinating!

 Our buddies Sonny and Terry joined us for some great pickin' and grinnin'. 

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