Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eau de Toilette... errr a new bathroom

When we moved into our home in 2004, the bathroom had a cutesy, teddy bear border up that I’m sure if Lila had been around, would have insisted it stay.  However, since it was just Cam and me, we decided it had to go.  We redecorated with a lodge feel, including some authentic deer antlers and feet in the décor.  I crafted faux rocks from foil and joint compound and painted them to look like “real” rocks.  Then, I mounted them one of the walls.  It looked pretty cool, I think.  Sure, it wouldn’t be for everyone’s home, but I live with a hunter out in the country.  I think it worked.
            However, as the years went by, the “rocks” did not hold up too well to little hands.  I removed those a couple years ago.  The border I put up with the silhouettes of moose and deer was starting to peel as well.  But, the thing that broke the camel’s back was that when Maggie came along, we all started spitting on each other at teeth-brushing time.  One sink was just not enough for four people to share.  (We do have a second bathroom that’s actually quite nice, but it’s in the basement and none of us really want to go down there for our grooming.)  So, I convinced Cam that we needed a second sink in the bathroom.  Actually, that part wasn’t hard.  It was the convincing him that we needed to redecorate while we were at it that took a little more smooth-talking.
However, after several months, he got on board with me and helped develop a “look” for the bathroom.  We now have a lovely, barn-themed bathroom.  Barns kind of have a special place in my heart.  Cam and I bought some property together before we were even engaged and built a large barn on it, mainly just the two of us working every weekend in rain, bitter cold, and wind without electricity and sleeping in a tent!  It was our first big project together and something we both took a lot of pride in and learned a lot about each other while doing it.  When we moved to our home, Cam designed a barn to house the livestock we planned to raise.  I honestly didn’t help much with that barn.  I’m going to say I was pregnant or something, but it might have just been so darn hot.  But, I’m sure I held at least one board and hammered in a nail or two.  Our third barn is down at “Old Glory”.  It’s the hay barn.  With two babies underfoot, I again was much less involved in this barn, but helped out when I could.  Anyway, I love the look of barns.  The smell of them (most of the time) is very pleasant.  The light can be really beautiful.  Plus, it’s just cool how they’re put together.  
I am so pleased with our new bathroom!  We used old barn lumber that our friends had offered us to make the walls look like post and beam framing.  Cam built a cabinet for the sinks from the same lumber.   

We found this great lighting in the “outdoor lighting” at Lowe’s for $20 a piece.  Similar fixtures I had seen on a “barn lighting” website were upwards of $150 each!   

The splurge was the great faucets.
 But, I couldn’t *not* get them.  I mean, they’re perfect for a barn bathroom.  I couldn’t find anything I liked in the way of shower curtains, so I made one from burlap and stenciled the name of our farm on it to look like a feed sack.   

We also put up corrugated metal around the shower and on one wall, which I didn't get a photo of. Overall, I'm just tickled.  It's been super handy to have the second sink, and it's a pleasure to go into a pretty bathroom!


  1. I have seen this bathroom and can attest that it is pretty darn amazing. :) Well done, Howards! :)

  2. Looks fantastic! What is 'Old Glory' though?

  3. It's gorgeous! You are both so handy; I love seeing your new creations! :)