Saturday, September 11, 2010

Prima Ballerina

 After class on Wednesday, I was relieved to see the sweet little cherubs marching out in a row, Lila included. However, Miss Hawley immediately made her way over to me... dum dum dum. She asked me if it would be possible for us to come to the earlier class (AKA "The Cry Class") as Lila had "cried a little bit" during class.  Hmmmm..... I knew she had been upset at the beginning when they wanted her to wear a name tag.  "Was it just at the beginning, related to the name  tag?" I asked. 
"Well," she said diplomatically, "It was off and on."
When I told Lila what Miss Hawley had said, she corrected me, "No, Mommy, I cried A Lot!".
So, to The Cry Class we go next week.  This is the class where there are several little girls who become upset.  It's really not a bad deal, because in the other class, I couldn't see Lila at all.  At least this way I'll get to watch her flittery little self and hopefully make her comfortable enough so that eventually she won't need me there.  But, until then, I guess I'll don my ballet... socks... and plie with some three-year-olds.

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  1. Did she not like the class? Or was she having some separation anxiety?

    Does she have a tutu? :)

    Loving the blog! Keep up the great work!